Remote Work Management: Cloud Server vs VPN

Remote Work Management: Cloud Server vs VPN

cloud server vs vpn

What network best supports remote work management? More workers than ever are working remotely. This could be a personal choice, or because they work for a distributed company. Many businesses, especially SMBs (small-to-medium businesses) are increasing their dependence on remote workers for the first time. And this means they’re also facing new networking choices. One of the… read more

When is it Time to Update Your Network?

two business people examining a server and assessing IT network

If you can’t remember the last time you did, you need to update your network. If you’re the usual small- to mid-sized business owner, you’ve probably grown your organization’s IT network gradually and organically over the past five to ten years since your last major overhaul (if you’ve ever had a major overhaul). Not only that, but… read more

Why You Want to Get Rid of Your Office Server

cloud with drawings of computers, files, tablets, and security

The Top 4 Reasons to Free Your Office From Hosting a Server It wasn’t that long ago that having your own office server wasn’t optional. Now, thanks to advances in cloud computing, data storage and analysis, and IT management, it’s completely optional. But does that mean you should give up your on-site server? Yes, and here… read more

What Happens If Your IT Guy Quits?

Man standing in data center looking concerned

Did your IT guy just quit? It’s not uncommon in a small business for the resident IT expert to wield a surprising amount of power. They do, after all, provide the knowledge and expertise that keeps your operations flowing smoothly. When only one or two people in the office know how to make those tools… read more

Why New Buildings Have IT Problems, and How to Fix Them

construction workers installing wiring in a new building

Coordinating your contractors, leadership, and IT team during a construction project. If your company has ever built, renovated, or repurposed a building, then chances are you’ve experienced the frustrations we’re about to discuss. The fact of the matter is that buildings rarely open for business with a fully-functioning network. Surrounding this phenomenon is a series… read more

Software Scalability: Could Success Sink Your Company?

illustration of ideas showing business growth and software scalabilty

Does your software scale? Your company’s success depends on many things, not the least of which is keeping your software and services functioning 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are all types of problems that can shut you down, but one of the most seemingly unfair ones is having your software fail… read more

How to Plan for IT Needs at Your New Office or Building

construction workers looking at tablet on site

Why you should involve your IT team early in your new building plans. Making the decision to relocate your business to a new space can be a very challenging (and rewarding) experience. Whether you’ve outgrown your current building, or business requirements demand a change of venue, the need for a new building often comes at… read more

Converting reactive scenarios into proactive scenarios

Colleague pointing to presentation on computer screen

Priorities and Preparation: Being Proactive You don’t need to be a student of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to know that being proactive vs. being reactive gets better results. And yet, we often see organizations fail to be proactive when it comes to their IT resources. This is due in large part to a number… read more

Is compliance important to your business?

man working on tablet with overlay of secure payment field

Compliance, Consequences, and Your Company As the need for data storage increases, and digital payments and record keeping eclipse their traditional counterparts, regulatory compliance becomes critically important. Some organizations already understand this, but not all take compliance seriously. For some, it’s just something they overlook or don’t prioritize. Others actively believe that as long as “nothing goes wrong,”… read more

Does your company need an IT security audit?

padlock symbol projected above a circuit board

IT Security Audit: Why Your Company (Probably) Needs One How long has it been since your company had a comprehensive IT security audit? We’re not just talking about a simple scan of your systems, but an actual, in-depth audit. If it’s been longer than you care to remember then it’s probably time. An IT audit… read more