Delivering Reliable IT Services to
Manufacturing Facilities in Michigan

Your manufacturing facility has many challenges in todays global world. Whether it’s overseas competition, complex supply chains or lean project management changes, Brightline recognizes that staying competitive in manufacturing is hard enough without having to worry about the technical challenges of running a 24/7 facility—sometimes in different locations across the country. We have solutions to help you stay on budget, stay compliant, and support the growth of your facilities here and abroad.

Whether you need emergency IT support or long-term Manufacturing IT Services, we’re there to help.





4 Benefits of Brightline’s Manufacturing IT Services

Manufacturing Network Security

Manufacturing companies face unique security risks. Whether they arise from overseas hackers or the transfer of data to and from multiple sites, let us put our expertise to work protecting your sensitive information.

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Manufacturing Compliance

Whether you’re facing consumer safety, data compliance, or regulatory compliances for government contracts, Brightline has you covered. We specialize in compliances both on the national level and in the State of Michigan.

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Manageable Budgets

Your manufacturing company has regulated annual budgets. Avoid unexpected costs with Brightline’s Managed IT services. Whether it’s personnel or equipment, we can help you manage your IT budget so that your accounting department stays happy.

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24/7 IT Support

Your manufacturing facility runs 24/7/365, which is why we believe your IT company should work as hard as you do. Our 24/7 support is available to customers no matter what your time zone is, or whether you need help on-site or remotely.

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