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7 IT Security Tips for Protecting Remote Workers

7 IT Security Tips for Protecting Remote Workers

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How businesses can improve their IT security while their employees work remotely. With each year, IT security for businesses becomes more complex as new security threats emerge and new technologies adapt to combat them. However, these threats don’t just come from new malware, viruses or exploitable software vulnerabilities. They also come from changes in human… read more

5 Ways Mobile Technology Helps Your Business Adapt

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Businesses who take advantage of mobile technology have more flexibility to adjust to market changes. Mobile technology—and the cloud-based services that enable it—has become one of the most revolutionary forces in modern business. But, for all its reputation as a disruptor in business, mobile technology has also helped businesses adapt. From streamlined communications to increased… read more

How to Secure Data Effectively for Remote Work Employees

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Five Data Security Strategy Tips to Start Using Now Whether you’ve already adapted a virtual office environment or are still thinking about it, developing a data security strategy is critical when factoring in the needs of a remote workforce. According to a report by Cisco, nearly 6% of employees admitted to transferring files between work… read more

What hardware and software do you need for your remote office?

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How to Create a Secure Remote Office Environment You probably know the advantages of having your staff work remotely. A 2016 study published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that 38% of employees in the management, financial operations, business and other related professions performed at least some of their work from home leading… read more