What does VNet Private Cloud Integration mean for your business?

How many cloud-based applications do you use? If you’re like many businesses, you began your journey to the cloud piece by piece. You value the increased accessibility and scalability of your cloud-based applications, but you’re frustrated by their lack of integration with your regular workflow. We can bring unity back to your work environment by integrating with VNet Private Cloud today!

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The Best of Both Worlds

Most companies move to the cloud for a number of good reasons: to outsource responsibility for onsite systems, to scale more quickly for growth, and to avoid throwing capital at expensive upgrades every few years.

Other companies choose on-premise systems and servers, for some equally good reasons: complete transparency into the entire system, better integration with side-by-side applications and data, and true ownership of company data.

With VNET Private Cloud, you don’t have to choose. Our private environments are built to be as integrated as traditional systems, while remaining as scalable as the public cloud. You avoid the liability of onsite systems, while retaining complete ownership of your company data. Overall transparency into IT operations remains high, while converting large capital server projects into a predictable ongoing expense.

Private Security for your Private Cloud
Privacy, Security, and Compliance.

Do you have compliance concerns about moving your sensitive data to the cloud? VNET Private Cloud solutions provide your business with the highest level of control. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of cloud hosting, alongside the assurance of knowing your cloud server is completely private.

Hybrid Cloud Hosting
Combine cloud with traditional services

You may have recently upgraded your IT infrastructure, or you may have specific investments in your current system. Either way, we can work with your existing dedicated servers to bring the benefits of cloud computing to your infrastructure. Our Hybrid Cloud combines the best of modern and traditional services to provide the solution that fits your business.

Fast, flexible, scalable.
Benefit from a powerful cloud environment.


In the past, businesses delayed making the full transition to the cloud due to concerns about latency, security, scalability, and robustness. They felt the cloud would not have the processing power to deliver the high-speed performance they needed across their networks to perform at peak efficiency.

We work with cutting-edge virtualization technology to eliminate these concerns. Our Private Cloud Solutions not only deliver the power and scalability you need to function efficiently, they also cut down infrastructure costs, so you can accomplish more with your resources. Try that on for size.

Are you ready to move to the private cloud?

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