Man in suit on a phone looking concerned near a bank of computers with wires hanging down.

On-Demand IT: Keep Your Business Going When IT Breaks Down

Can your manufacturing business handle an IT break down? With today’s technological advancements, many manufacturing businesses are streamlining their IT processes and are using various products and services to run their operations. Some, in fact, depend so much on IT that a break down in any of their sectors could bring business to a screeching halt. […]
managers working with boxes and a computer in a manufacturing environment

IT Asset Protection: Top Strategies for Manufacturing Operations

Many manufacturing businesses operate in harsh environments. With various production stages and tight timelines to follow, those in the manufacturing industry depend so much on information technology to keep business running smoothly. When it comes to choosing and using any type of hardware, it’s important to make sure it can take the demands of your […]
An illustration of a computer and a cell phone showing how multi factor authentication can be used to log in to an account.

How Multi Factor Authentication Protects Information Security

What is multi factor authentication? Multi factor authentication is when a user must provide evidence from two or more sources to prove their identity. Typically this information should come from separate categories, such as a thing they own (a bank card), a thing they know (a password), or something they are (a finger print). A […]
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Does your business have network security protocols?

How NIST 800-171 can help you establish network security protocols for your business, even if you don’t contract with the DoD. We’ve written a lot lately about NIST 800-171 and what your business can do to become compliant. But while these compliance standards are only mandatory for businesses filling federal or DoD contracts, they can […]
construction worker holding tablet on construction site

Solving IT Problems on Construction Sites

Optimizing the IT Environment for Your Construction Business Technology has changed the way construction contractors do business. Real-time monitoring of project progress, onsite and offsite communication, and automation of various processes has been slowly integrated into construction management processes. Advancements implemented on every level of an organization have the potential to solve long-standing issues faced […]
files showing examples of what controlled unclassified information consists of

Controlled Unclassified Information consists of… what exactly?

How to know if your business handles CUI (and what to do about it). We recently talked about the NIST 800-171 cybersecurity standards which the DoD requires all contractors and subcontractors to implement by the end of 2017. They apply to any business contracting with the DoD or the federal government, and any business which […]
woman on manufacturing floor looking at tablet and talking on phone

How Poor IT Could Be Costing Your Manufacturing Businesses Money

Don’t let poor IT disrupt your supply chain or compromise your business’s reputation. Information technology has transformed the way that businesses work. It’s helped companies meet customer demands, streamline processes, improve quality, and increase production. The role of information technology in manufacturing allows businesses to conceptualize, create, and deliver products on time and under budget. […]