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Why IT Companies Must Focus on Your Future

In the rapidly changing world of IT, many Managed Service Providers are failing to keep up.

The world of IT is in a constant state of evolution. Keeping up with these changes—both in terms of employee skills and how a company serves its clients—takes a significant investment of time and money. Those that don’t make these investments eventually fall behind and become irrelevant.

For this reason, at Brightline, we have made it our mission to evolve with changes in technology and how it serves our clients. We know that we have to in order to provide relevant and great service, as well as foster an environment for our employees to grow and mature.

However, in looking at most Managed Service Providers (MSPs), or even single person IT departments, there is often a lack of continuous training and development. They start out with good intentions, but slowly become dated and fall behind with their technical knowledge and skills.

When an IT company fails to keep pace with changes in its own industry, it becomes clear that its customers, and employees, should look elsewhere.

IT businesses must move beyond the MSP model if they are to provide the best service.

With the evolution in technology, there has also been an evolution in how IT providers serve clients. 20 years ago, IT companies worked on a ‘break-fix’ basis. The industry has evolved into the current Managed Service Provider (MSP) model. However, this model has proven to have some significant flaws, including poor responsiveness and no responsible participation with the customer’s best interests in mind.

Brightline has been working towards differentiating our company as a Professional IT Partner. We are doing this by developing a comprehensive overview of each client’s IT environment and how it impacts their business. This thorough assessment is regularly updated and reviewed with clients to ensure IT is staying current and effectively serving and protecting their organizations.

Furthermore, we want to deliver better than anyone else. We hire employees who care. Our team takes a personal interest in seeing clients fully and appropriately served and protected by their technologies. We have consistently delivered the most responsive service in the industry.

The IT company that you work with should be more.

We strive for strong relationships with clients and our employees where we are all dedicated to working and evolving with each other. Our clients do not see us as a vendor, but instead appreciate and value our partnership. Our employees do not see us as a stepping stone in their careers, but as destination for a rewarding professional life.

If you are looking for the same, we invite you to grow with us.