How private cloud hosting equips you for the future

How private cloud hosting equips you for the future

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Private Cloud Hosting: Innovation Equals Future Success and Stability Cloud computing has topped the IT list of buzzwords for several years, and it’s stayed relevant because it’s a field rife with innovation. First, it was a way to ditch your physical servers and streamline your staff. Then it began to be a fertile field for… read more

Optimize Your IT Department

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How to Create an Effective IT Budget that Won’t Break the Bank You might find that the needs of your IT department don’t always align with the realities of your budget. The goal of your IT department should be to continuously improve infrastructure and processes. But many businesses struggle with striking a balance between highly… read more

Why Should Your Business Have Two Internet Connections?

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Avoid Continuity Fails Business continuity is one of the biggest concerns we hear from our Michigan clients. There are a number of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that halt business operations online. These threats include malicious software, natural disasters, and power outages. What if you loose your Internet connection? What if it’s down for hours or… read more

How to Prevent Data Loss Due to Human Error

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Is Human Error the Biggest Threat to Your Business? Accidents happen. You delete a file by mistake. You forget to backup your data. Or you accidentally leave your laptop on the plane. When you lose sensitive information, it can put your business into a tail-spin that can take thousands of dollars to recover from. Human… read more

Is it Safe to Use Public Wi-Fi?

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How to Keep Your Data Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks Whether it’s a coffee shop, airport, or hotel, at some point, you’re bound to find yourself doing business outside of the office. Sharing files and sensitive information over the Internet is especially risky if you’re using a public Wi-Fi network. Follow these tips to keep… read more

How to Protect Your Company from Malware Attacks

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Know Your Enemy Computer viruses: they’re annoying spammy, and seemingly everywhere you go online. You’ve probably dealt with computer viruses in the past, but what steps have you taken to protect your company from malware attacks? Malware attacks are common, and one of the biggest threats to your business security. Malware is designed to steal… read more

Should your Company Switch to Cloud-Based Servers?

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Your servers are out of date. Buy new ones, or migrate to the Cloud? If you’re like many growing Michigan businesses, you’ve probably reached a point where your company servers can no longer cope with the expanding needs of your company. Maybe you’ve added new staff, or want to move to a more mobile environment…. read more

Does Managed IT Replace Your Internal IT Department?

managed IT

How a Managed IT provider works with your Internal IT department and everyone wins. Many companies balk at the idea of taking on a Managed IT service when they already have in-house IT staff. Their IT department knows their company, are highly competent, and have performed as loyal employees for years. Why undermine a good… read more