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Top 9 IT Security Threats and How to Address Them

Top 9 IT Security Threats and How to Address Them

Top 9 IT Security Threats and How to Address Them

Harden your business against security threats by following these best practices. For more and more businesses around the country, data security has become the top IT priority. In the wake of data breach after data breach, it’s not hard to see why. Customers are tired of having their privacy compromised, and corporations cannot afford to… read more

Data Security for Hybrid Cloud Environments

Data Security for Hybrid Cloud Environments

How should businesses handle hybrid cloud data security? As businesses move onto the cloud, many are choosing to adopt a hybrid strategy, where some of their cloud services are handled by a public cloud, and others on a private cloud environment. There are advantages to this approach, which is why it is so popular. Public… read more

What Are HTTP Cookies, and Do I Need to Allow Them?

What are HTTP cookies and do you need to allow them?

Wondering why you keep being asked to allow cookies when you browse the Internet? Here’s the answer you’ve been looking for. You’ve probably heard of HTTP cookies (also known as “web cookies,” “browser cookies,” or simply “cookies”) before. Maybe you’ve visited a website and had it ask you for permission to use cookies and wondered… read more

How to Identify the Top 4 Online Security Scams

How to identify the most common online security scams.

Scams are becoming more dangerous and harder to spot. Here’s what to look for. Over the past few years, the public has grown more educated in the tactics used by online scammers. Doubtless, this is due to the rise in security breaches in prominent businesses and the surrounding publicity. With the news coverage surrounding these… read more

Why Segregation of Duties is Crucial for IT Security

Why Segregation of Duties is Crucial for IT Security

How to create checks and balances when organizing your IT network. When many people think about IT security, the first things that come to mind are programs such as firewalls or malware detection software. However, security is as much about the organization systems and process your company has in place as anything else. Of those… read more

Understanding Encryption Key Management for Businesses

michigan nist compliance nist compliance michigan

How to protect and control encryption key access across its lifecycle. Encryption technology is one of the most important security features protecting your data. The use of encryption-in-transit secures email, text, and web data so that users can send and receive information without fear of interception or tampering. Meanwhile, encryption at rest protects data where… read more

The When, Where, and How of Encrypting Data at Rest

Image of hard drive with USB sticks and a lock on top representing encrypting data at rest.

Encryption at rest can protect your data, even if someone steals it. Data security comes in many forms. In order to keep your business safe from a security breach, you need to protect your data from destruction, spying, and outright theft. Protecting yourself requires different lines of defense, and at the forefront of these is… read more

Data Encryption in Transit: What Your Business Needs to Know

At sight disintegrating into ones and zeros showing data encryption in transit.

How can you protect your data as it moves from one location to the next? You’ve probably heard a lot about data encryption. It forms one of the pillars of IT security: without encryption, sensitive business information would be vulnerable to anyone who could steal or intercept it. However, data encryption uses complex algorithms to… read more