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Understand your IT.

There’s a knowledge gap in IT between service providers and their clients. We know how hard it is for our clients to feel confident in making high-level technical decisions on matters outside their expertise. That’s why we take the extra step of explaining our services and processes to our clients in straightforward language.

We don’t try to overawe our clients with technical jargon, expect them to accept our ideas without explanation, or discourage them from asking questions. In fact, we want them to understand exactly what we’re doing. Because once our clients know why we do what we do, they fully appreciate the benefit we bring to their business.

We thrive on expertise.

We’re problem solvers. We look at complex technical systems and find ways to make them more efficient and more powerful. That takes both creativity and deep technical knowledge. Those are the qualities we look for in our staff, and they are what we will bring with us when we come to work with you.

We equip every business with the technology they need for the future. For some companies, that means implementing a system which will scale as their company grows. For others, that means updating their infrastructure to handle with powerful new technology. No matter your vision for the future, our mission is to find the solution that best meets it. Read about our strategic approach to IT below.

The 3 P’s

Our Take on IT.


IT emergencies happen every day. From the small inconveniences of old and failing hardware to large problems caused by natural disasters, fire damage, and electricity outages. Our proactive approach to IT management mitigates the risk of an unexpected failure. But, should the worst happen, we provide 24/7 support to ensure you are never without service.


With the rate of technological change transforming every corner of the economy, businesses must be adaptable to keep pace. Managed IT services provide a crucial role in helping businesses make the best use of their resources. We strategize with businesses to find the solutions that will leave them well-placed to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.


No IT system is free from risk. Businesses of every size need to guard against data leaks, security breaches, and exploitable weaknesses due to human error. But keeping data safe also requires protection from accident and system failure. We follow industry compliance standards that not only safeguard data privacy, but also aid in backup and recovery.

Leadership Team

Tony Hernandez


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Joel Kolodsick

Chief Information Officer

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James Cabalum

Senior Director, Business Operations

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John Renders

Cybersecurity Director

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Nick Roe

Cybersecurity & Compliance Manager

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Nick Stoner

Engineering Manager

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Antoinette Wissner

Operations Support Specialist

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Wendy Adcock

Operations Support Specialist

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Future IT Guru


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Join the Brightline Team

We believe IT is a creative field. Our clients come to us with complex problems, and they look to us for solutions. They also rely on us to provide high-level security to match their industry’s regulatory standards. We hire compliance-oriented problem solvers. If you think outside the box but play by the rules, we may have a place for you.

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