Is your network security at risk?

When you spread your safeguards across a variety of products, you leave holes in your network security. Hackers can exploit these holes to leave viruses and spyware in your system. We can help protect your network against phishing, pharming, viruses, and other malware. Let Brightline IT, Michigan’s network security services specialists assess your network, diagnose, and fix your network security issues and vulnerabilities.





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We can keep your networks secure.

A security breach can cripple your business. Imagine a virus that wipes out an entire server, or a hacked account that leaks your clients private information across the Internet. You could lose access to a critical account, or have key documents held for ransom. These scams happen all too frequently, but they are preventable.

We can work with you to conduct a full security audit of your business. We will assess areas of potential weakness, and work with you to patch any holes in your firewall.

Concerned about your network security?

We can help. Contact us for a security audit.