Your network is at risk. Don’t leave it vulnerable.

No business is safe from the security threats posted by malware, viruses, or even human error. While large corporations my attract targeted hacking attempts, most cybersecurity threats are generalized, hitting a broad range of businesses and probing for system weaknesses. However, while these cyberattacks put everyone at risk, businesses can harden their security against them if they take appropriate measures.

At Brightline, we offer a range of security services throughout lower Michigan and beyond, including 24/7 support in case of emergency. We install security software, structure your network to safeguard sensitive information, and monitor your systems in case of a security breach. Contact us today to ensure no malware catches your business while its defenses are down.





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Conduct a risk assessment.

Even if security is a priority for your business, your system may have vulnerabilities you’re unaware of. That’s why we begin our process with a thorough risk assessment. If we can find where your network weaknesses lie, we can address them before a malicious program does.

We will assess areas of potential weakness, and work with you to patch any holes in your firewall. Our network security service team can also work with your existing IT department to double your protection. Together we work with you to keep your systems safe in an insecure world.

Encryption at rest, in transit, and in use.

Building defenses against a security threat is only the first step in data protection. Encryption means that even if a malicious party were to access your system, they wouldn’t have the tools necessary to unlock your sensitive and valuable information. We can work with your business to set up encryption standards for data when it’s stored on your system, as you send it across the Internet to other parties, and even when it’s open in a working file.

Breach detection

Security threats are constantly evolving, and no business can predict the future well enough to perfectly guard against every contingency. But when a security breach does happen, a fast response time is of the utmost importance to quarantine the spread of the virus. We can monitor your networks 24/7 so that our team can spot leaks and shut them down before the damage has a chance to get far.

Concerned about your network security?

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