Should you conduct a Network Assessment?

Many of our clients come to us with a keen awareness of ways in which their network fails them, but without a clear picture of what they have. We can conduct an IT audit of your current systems to see what you have, how well it performs, and how you can improve efficiency.

If you don’t have complete documentation of your current system, we recommend a network assessment to begin almost any service. We offer a complimentary assessment to provide a basic overview, but you can opt for our comprehensive audit package for complete documentation of your systems at the deepest level.





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What equipment are you starting with?

Our network assessment begins with an audit of your current hardware, software licences, operating systems, and IT infrastructure. Many companies forget to document their IT network, so they don’t know when they last upgraded or what the system specifications of their current system really are.

Our audit answers these questions, leaving you with a record of your current equipment and its capabilities. That’s valuable information you need to make future upgrades and purchases.

How well do your current systems work?

Knowing where your system succeeds and where it fails will guide our recommendation for improving performance. Furthermore, our network assessment will establish a baseline for measuring future improvement.

Improving your system efficiency.

Efficiency gains come in many forms. We may find a single piece of network equipment that limits the entire system. Perhaps some configurations of your domain or network are creating unnecessary work for your servers. Or we may find outdated software that struggles with newer system architectures. Whatever the case, we can identify where the bottlenecks in your system are, and by focusing on those areas we can boost efficiency overall.

Interesting in having us audit your current system?

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