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IT M&A - Preparing to Merge Two Companies IT Systems

IT M&A: Preparing to Merge Two Companies’ IT Systems

For a successful merger, IT needs to be full partners in the IT M&A process. Mergers and acquisitions are a regular part of business growth, especially among larger companies. And yet, even as these deals continue to move forward at a rapid pace, many companies haven’t stopped to re-examine their procedure in light of technological […]
IT Planning: How Far into the Future Can You Prepare?

IT Planning: How Far into the Future Can You Prepare?

With the rate of technological change, how do you balance agility against preparedness? Any business knows the importance of a good plan. Without strategic direction, many companies subject themselves to ad-hoc IT development by default, with upgrades and new additions happening as necessary, but often with little review as to how they fit together with […]
How to Prepare for IT Growth as Your Company Expands

How to Prepare for IT Growth as Your Company Expands

During a company expansion, some systems will scale, and others will not. The growing period is an exciting time for many businesses. It’s a sign of strong business, and the addition of new clients, co-workers, facilities, and technology opens the way for a company to better position themselves to take advantage future opportunities. However, growth […]
Man in colocation center performaing a vulnerability assessment

Should your Business Use Colocation Centers to Store Data?

4 Ways Colocation Centers are a More Cost Effective Way to Store Your Servers If you’re like many businesses, you’ve been storing company data on a server in your back room for years. Now that you’ve grown, you need more servers, and more space to store them. You may even be thinking about how to […]
Outdated computers sitting in a dark work station with a coffee cup to the side.

How to Manage Your Company’s Hardware Lifecycle

Stay on top of technological advances as you manage your hardware lifecycle. Compared to most other equipment you invest in for your business, hardware depreciates at a rapid rate. Most of us are used to this. Our computers undergo daily use, and that contributes to the natural wear and tear they endure. More importantly, as […]
wired vs. wireless internet

Wired vs. Wireless Internet: What’s Best for Your Office?

How to make an informed decision between WiFi and Ethernet. Many of us are so used to working via a WiFi Internet connection at home, in coffee shops, and every time we’re on our phone, that we’re tempted to think that hard-wired Internet is no longer necessary. However, before you decide to do away with […]
upgrade your internet connection

Should You Upgrade Your Internet Connection?

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Internet Connection for Your Business In today’s fast-paced and connected world, a stable high-speed Internet service for businesses is not an option but a necessity. This is one of the reasons many companies invest in the best infrastructure and a reliable Internet service provider. There are […]
IT worker setting up computers in a new office

What Are Your IT Needs for Moving into a New Office?

You’re moving into an existing structure. Will your new office support your IT needs? For many businesses, moving into new office space comes with a fresh set of IT demands. We’ve already discussed how to plan for IT in an office space under construction, but existing spaces require a different kind of planning. During construction, […]