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Understanding the Microsoft 365 GCC High Environment as a Government Cloud Solution

What is Microsoft 365 GCC high? “GCC High” stands for Government Community Cloud High. Put simply, it’s the cloud platform developed by Microsoft for cleared personnel and organizations supporting government agencies and organizations, particularly the Department of Defense. This specialized version of Microsoft’s collaboration suite is designed to serve as an overlay to the general […]
How Microsoft Office 365 Empowers the Modern Workplace

How Microsoft Office 365 Empowers the Modern Workplace

Work has changed. Here’s how Microsoft Office 365 is helping offices keep up. For decades, the workplace has undergone gradual changes as businesses have moved from analog systems to digital systems, and then from local networks to cloud-based networks. Each new stage has required new investments in IT infrastructure, and businesses have thrived or floundered […]
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5 Ways Mobile Technology Helps Your Business Adapt

Businesses who take advantage of mobile technology have more flexibility to adjust to market changes. Mobile technology—and the cloud-based services that enable it—has become one of the most revolutionary forces in modern business. But, for all its reputation as a disruptor in business, mobile technology has also helped businesses adapt. From streamlined communications to increased […]
Cloud Performance Monitoring for Small Businesses

Cloud Performance Monitoring for Small Businesses

How to manage your cloud applications so that your small business can stay ahead. Cloud applications have opened the way for many small businesses to take advantage of capabilities previously only accessible to corporations large enough to afford custom software. But the advent of the Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model has expanded the […]
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How to Choose File Sync and Share Solutions for Your Business

How can you create an effective digital file sharing solution for your business? One of the common challenges businesses face is an effective way of sharing files and keeping them up to date. The more employees pass files around the office, the more revisions they go through. At a certain point, it becomes difficult to […]
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How Virtualization Technology Can Improve Your Business

What is virtualization, and is it relevant to your business? You may have heard IT professionals talking about virtualization technology in the past and wondered what it was, and if it could help your business. The simplest explanation of virtualization is that it creates a virtual replica of something physical—such as a server, a storage […]
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Is Hybrid Cloud the Best Solution for Your Business?

Understand the hybrid cloud and what it can do for your business. Increasingly, businesses need cloud solutions to stay competitive. Cloud environments facilitate remote work, scale easily, and help free resources for larger capital expenditures. However, making the decision between private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid of the two can be complex. Here’s how […]
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IT for Small Businesses: What You Need to Get Started

3 IT Priorities for Small Businesses As a small business, having IT systems in place that can protect and promote your business is a key concern. Each business will have different requirements, but there are some big priority items that every small business owner will want to focus on. As you address your businesses IT […]
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Remote Work Management: Cloud Server vs VPN

What network best supports remote work management? More workers than ever are working remotely. This could be a personal choice, or because they work for a distributed company. Many businesses, especially SMBs (small-to-medium businesses) are increasing their dependence on remote workers for the first time. And this means they’re also facing new networking choices. One of the […]