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How Frequently Should You Backup Your Hard Drive?

How Frequently Should You Backup Your Hard Drive?

How Frequently Should You Backup Your Hard Drive

Frequent data backups help keep your business secure and operational. In the digital age, when it often seems as though nothing is ever lost for good, it can be tempting for businesses to fall behind on their backups. This can happen either as businesses are lulled into a sense of complacency, or simply because they’ve… read more

IT Asset Protection: Top Strategies for Manufacturing Operations

managers working with boxes and a computer in a manufacturing environment

Many manufacturing businesses operate in harsh environments. With various production stages and tight timelines to follow, those in the manufacturing industry depend so much on information technology to keep business running smoothly. When it comes to choosing and using any type of hardware, it’s important to make sure it can take the demands of your… read more

Solving IT Problems on Construction Sites

construction worker holding tablet on construction site

Optimizing the IT Environment for Your Construction Business Technology has changed the way construction contractors do business. Real-time monitoring of project progress, onsite and offsite communication, and automation of various processes has been slowly integrated into construction management processes. Advancements implemented on every level of an organization have the potential to solve long-standing issues faced… read more