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You’re moving into an existing structure. Will your new office support your IT needs?

For many businesses, moving into new office space comes with a fresh set of IT demands. We’ve already discussed how to plan for IT in an office space under construction, but existing spaces require a different kind of planning.

During construction, you can work with the architects and engineers to create a space that fully integrates your IT. But when you move into an office space that’s already built-out, you have to work with what you’ve got. So unless you’ve got an extensive build-up budget from your leasing agent, it will be all about making the most of an existing space. Here are some top areas you should focus on, or address with your leasing agent before you move in.

Test and validate connections.

Have someone take a look at the network closet where all the lines terminate into the building and confirm that everything is still intact. Test and validate lines in the building, and ensure existing connections in the office cubicles and office space are up and running. Be sure to bring this up with your leasing agent, as this is something they can usually have their preferred maintenance staff take care of before you move in and save you the trouble.

Will you have any network connectivity problems?

Make sure you have network connectivity where you need it. No one likes to have long network cables strung out along the walls or underfoot for employees to trip on. Think about how you plan to use the space, where you’ll place furniture, and what your network layout will look like. Taking time at the beginning of a lease to negotiate some new outlets can save you a lot of regret later.

What about your wireless?

In most cases, you won’t have the option of retrenching your conference room floor to put in new cables. So if you can’t hardwire network connectivity everywhere you need it, survey the space to see how compatible it will be with wireless connectivity. Many factors can impact the strength of a wireless connection—from the location of walls to the number of employees using the network. Find out how well your new space will fit your wireless needs and plan accordingly.

Need help integrating your IT with your new office space?

We can work with your business to assess your new office space and ensure your move goes smoothly. Early planning can avoid many headaches down the road. Contact us to discuss your IT plans, and we can offer a free IT assessment of your situation.

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