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Should You Buy Servers, or Switch to Cloud Hosting?

5 Signs it’s Time to Start Investing in New Tech

Young workers in a company working in a new tech environment

When is it worth investing in the latest tech for your business? Technological advancements are signs of progress. Every year, we see all sorts of inventions that businesses could use to improve their operations. While many would love to have all these innovations, knowing when it’s worth investing in new technology could help businesses make… read more

IT Best Practices: Do you invest in technology or training?

group of colleagues around a table using technology

In information technology, best practices beat best products. Information technology is a field people often view in terms of things—hardware, software, networks, data. Organizations frequently disconnect these programs and devices from the way in which they implement them. According to this mindset, the job of the IT department is to set everything up, not determine… read more

When do you need to replace computer hardware and networking systems?

computer hardware and networking graphic showing tools and various devices

How Long Do You Expect Your Hardware to Last? Business owners invest in various computer hardware and networking systems and then forget about them until something goes wrong. Parts breaking down, disasters, and company changes are common reasons why businesses replace their hardware. To avoid major downtime and financial headaches, it’s important to know how… read more

Why New Buildings Have IT Problems, and How to Fix Them

construction workers installing wiring in a new building

Coordinating your contractors, leadership, and IT team during a construction project. If your company has ever built, renovated, or repurposed a building, then chances are you’ve experienced the frustrations we’re about to discuss. The fact of the matter is that buildings rarely open for business with a fully-functioning network. Surrounding this phenomenon is a series… read more

How to Plan for IT Needs at Your New Office or Building

construction workers looking at tablet on site

Why you should involve your IT team early in your new building plans. Making the decision to relocate your business to a new space can be a very challenging (and rewarding) experience. Whether you’ve outgrown your current building, or business requirements demand a change of venue, the need for a new building often comes at… read more