Man in colocation center performaing a vulnerability assessment

Should your Business Use Colocation Centers to Store Data?

4 Ways Colocation Centers are a More Cost Effective Way to Store Your Servers

If you’re like many businesses, you’ve been storing company data on a server in your back room for years. Now that you’ve grown, you need more servers, and more space to store them. You may even be thinking about how to better secure your data, given how sensitive some of it can be.

However, storing servers in your office space is probably not the most cost effective option. It can put you at risk of a security breach, and it requires an investment in infrastructure to ensure constant access. Furthermore, advancements in technology mean that you no longer need your server to be in your office to use its resources.

Colocation centers have already invested in the infrastructure necessary to provide you with fast and efficient access. And because you share storage space with other businesses, you distribute power, cooling, and security costs. Here are a few ways colocation centers can be a more cost effective option for your business.

1. Space

Most offices aren’t built with dedicated space for server storage, meaning many businesses shove theirs into a closet somewhere and call it a day. But this isn’t the best place for it. They’re inconvenient for IT to access when they have to conduct maintenance, not to mention the lack of security. By using a colocation center instead, you free up that space for other purposes.

2. Redundancy

Let’s say your building loses power. Can you still access your server? Unless you have taken steps to ensure a backup power supply, your business may grind to a halt until the power company can handle the issue. However, colocations centers have redundant power options, including backup generators and battery supplies to keep your servers accessible while the generator kicks in. They provide similar redundancies for the rest of your network as well, which can help prevent your business from ever losing access to critical data.

3. Scalability

Like any good business, you plan to grow. Your server needs will grow with you, often at a faster rate than you expect. Instead of having to manage the upgrades yourself, you can rely on your colocation provider to offer instant scalability.

4. Security

You may not think about the physical security of your servers, but given the data they contain, storing them in your office isn’t enough protection. Depending on your business, you may have compliance standards that mandate who has access to your servers, and how they are guarded. Because colocation centers store sensitive data, they are responsible for following certain compliance standards. These include physical security measures, such as on-site guards, CCTV, or use of biometric data to confirm visitor identity.

Colocation centers help you split costs and leave you room to maneuver.

On your own, managing the infrastructure needs, storage, maintenance, and security of an office server rack takes a lot of resources. By using a colocation center, you can take advantage of better storage and security, leaving you in a better position to handle future needs.