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Does your business have network security protocols?

Does your business have network security protocols?

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How NIST 800-171 can help you establish network security protocols for your business, even if you don’t contract with the DoD. We’ve written a lot lately about NIST 800-171 and what your business can do to become compliant. But while these compliance standards are only mandatory for businesses filling federal or DoD contracts, they can… read more

Why Server Security Updates Can Make or Break Your Business

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When was the last time you ran security patches on your servers? Businesses often ignore server patches or updates until they encounter issues. When it comes to server security best practices, regular server security patching is always at the top of the list. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most overlooked practices in server… read more

Does your company need an IT security audit?

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IT Security Audit: Why Your Company (Probably) Needs One How long has it been since your company had a comprehensive IT security audit? We’re not just talking about a simple scan of your systems, but an actual, in-depth audit. If it’s been longer than you care to remember then it’s probably time. An IT audit… read more

Is it Safe to Use Public Wi-Fi?

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How to Keep Your Data Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks Whether it’s a coffee shop, airport, or hotel, at some point, you’re bound to find yourself doing business outside of the office. Sharing files and sensitive information over the Internet is especially risky if you’re using a public Wi-Fi network. Follow these tips to keep… read more

How to Protect Your Company from Malware Attacks

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Know Your Enemy Computer viruses: they’re annoying spammy, and seemingly everywhere you go online. You’ve probably dealt with computer viruses in the past, but what steps have you taken to protect your company from malware attacks? Malware attacks are common, and one of the biggest threats to your business security. Malware is designed to steal… read more