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IT for Small Businesses: What You Need to Get Started

3 IT Priorities for Small Businesses

As a small business, having IT systems in place that can protect and promote your business is a key concern. Each business will have different requirements, but there are some big priority items that every small business owner will want to focus on. As you address your businesses IT needs, here’s where you should direct your attention first.

1. Security

Many small businesses don’t prioritize security because they believe they’re too small to be a target. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. You don’t need to be a major corporation to be the subject of a cybersecurity threat, and the consequences of a breach can be dire for you and your clients alike. Personal data such as customer email addresses, credit card information, or other confidential documents are all at risk. Make sure your business stores data securely and use encryption and strong passwords to protect yourself.

2. The Cloud

Many large, established businesses have legacy servers in their office which are a holdover from earlier years when this was the only option available. But for small businesses, the cloud affords an opportunity to have access to these tools without the need to invest a lot of capital funds in buying them outright. From file storage to accounting software, your business can take advantage of these services and still have resources set aside for large capital expenses. We even offer a private cloud solution which allows users to create a cloud-based remote desktop. You can login to your entire work station and pick up from home right were you left off in the office.

3. Mobility

Small businesses tend to be more mobile than large ones. Just as cloud storage and file sharing services can free you from the need to invest in lots of expensive hardware, having the right IT systems in place can make your team more mobile. This allows you to work with clients and colleagues wherever they happen to be, taking advantage of a wider client network and a larger talent pool.

What needs does your small business have?

As we said before, these are some large topics. While your small business will have security needs, they won’t be the same as everyone else’s. Your cloud and mobility needs will be different as well. If you would like to discuss IT solutions for your business, contact us today for a free assessment.