managers working with boxes and a computer in a manufacturing environment

IT Asset Protection: Top Strategies for Manufacturing Operations

Many manufacturing businesses operate in harsh environments. With various production stages and tight timelines to follow, those in the manufacturing industry depend so much on information technology to keep business running smoothly. When it comes to choosing and using any type of hardware, it’s important to make sure it can take the demands of your operations. Sadly, not a lot of businesses think about this and only a few have IT asset protection strategies in place. If you’ve been investing a lot in hardware or are dreading the thought of spending for replacements, it’s time to think about your IT asset protection strategies. Here are some suggestions for Manufacturing IT Services to get you started.

Use Protective Gear

Cables and wires in a production environment are like veins in a human body. They connect every part and ensure all systems or stages can communicate with each other. If you have a weak or broken link, problems will arise in various parts of your operation; and we all know what this could do to your business, right? Losing hundreds –if not thousands– per hour is every entrepreneur’s nightmare come to life. Using protective gear for your cables, wires, and hardware is a crucial IT asset protection strategy. Common protective gear used in harsh manufacturing and industrial environments are protective housing and plunger probes. You may also consider using protective silicone tubes, sheets, and wraps.

Back Up Data to a Cloud Network

If your operation center is handling huge amounts of data daily, then having back-ups in a cloud network is one of the best IT asset protection strategies you could have. Imagine if one of your employees accidentally drops a laptop, damaging the hard drive in the process. Days or even months of data could easily be corrupted and inaccessible. Vibration and shock, moisture, and temperature could all damage your hardware.

You may be saying right now “my assets face these factors every day and I haven’t had any problems.” But if you wait until your hardware breaks down before developing protective strategies for your business, you expose yourself to serious risk. The easiest way to protect your data is to have back-up files in a cloud network. For simple backing up of data, you may consider using Google Drive and other free cloud services. For a more secure cloud network, however, think about consulting our IT experts. We can help you set up a cloud network that meets all your requirements.

Choose Disposable Hardware

This one goes together with the previous strategy. If you think replacing your hardware in a just a few months is unavoidable, then getting more affordable gear is a great idea. To avoid problems with data, consider backing up your files regularly. Another benefit of using disposable hardware is that you won’t have to think about costly maintenance. This strategy, however, requires foresight and proper planning to avoid any disruptions in your operations.

Invest in Hardware Built for Harsh Environments

If you have a bigger budget for your operation center, it’s best to invest in hardware that’s built to last in harsh environments. This is perfect when you’re just starting a manufacturing facility or are already in the process of replacing your hardware. With hardware meant for rugged environments, you can focus on other parts of your business. You’ll also have peace of mind that your production line will run smoothly regardless of the environment or conditions that your hardware may be in.

Making sure that your hardware is always in top shape is key to a successful manufacturing company. BrightLine IT understands the demands of managing a manufacturing business, that’s why we’d like to help you. Let us handle your hardware and software upgrades. We can develop IT asset protection strategies for you.