3 Things Your IT Should Do to Adapt in an Evolving Business Climate

3 Things Your IT Should Do to Adapt in an Evolving Business Climate

The economy looks uncertain and businesses are looking for ways to adapt to this new outlook. We can help.

As states begin to reopen and businesses adjust to changes in demand, many are looking for ways to better prepare themselves for the unpredictable path ahead. This is a critical period for organizations around the country, all of which need to respond in an agile fashion to remain stable, both during this crisis and moving forward.

We can work with organizations to implement and manage IT operations that can dynamically change with their businesses. There are three main objectives that businesses must address to adapt to the evolving economic climate. They are:

1. Identify what operations are critical to safeguard the ongoing needs of the business.

Businesses must identify which information and operations are essential, and then ensure that they are effectively maintained and protected. This review should include both the IT platforms utilized and managed IT, as each of these are critical pieces that affect the ongoing operations of an organization. A thorough audit can prevent a business from cutting a system or service that might handicap the business with unexpected consequences.

2. Implement systems that offer the flexibility to scale costs up or down as justified by changes in demand.

Many businesses are looking for ways to be able to cut costs when needed so that they can survive and even remain healthy during any downturns. A business that continues to spend capital on systems that are not being fully utilized —or that cannot grow fast enough when required—can find themselves unable to take advantage of emerging opportunities or avoid unforeseen risks.

This means putting in place flexible systems, such as cloud-based virtual environments, that can be scaled up or down as needs change. It also means being able to scale your IT management and support costs. A business can accomplish this by partnering with an IT provider that offers a breadth and depth of support resources that can be deployed as needed.

3. Implement systems that offer ease of remote operations.

With so many businesses making a rapid transition to remote work, now more than ever it is essential for these organizations to have strong IT design and controls in place. Letting employees determine and manage their own communication channels and remote computing is not efficient and puts businesses at risk for problems, or even disaster.

Every organization should establish centrally managed systems with secure remote accessibility that enables proper controls to protect the systems and your data.  Just as important is ensuring that employees have an effective and comprehensive communication platform. Microsoft 365 bundles these capabilities into a solution that integrates seamlessly with most IT environments, offering an easy way to update and modernize your technology.

Contact Brightline to talk about co-managed IT in dynamic environments.

It is now easy and makes sense to implement IT system and support services that can scale with your business.

Here’s what a partnership with Brightline looks like:

  1. An audit, evaluation, and review of existing systems and operations
  2. Co-management and support of IT operations
  3. Implementation of modern, collaborative, and user-friendly work environments

If your business needs help implementing secure and agile IT operations in preparation for your future, contact us.