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What Is the Advantage of Performing Off Site Backups Through an IT Provider?

Organizations with a lot of data have a harder time protecting it. For example, a study found that around 33% of files had removal recommendations, meaning that many employees had access to unsecured data they shouldn’t have had access to view1. Employees make mistakes and a situation like this increases the risk of a cyberattack or losing important data.

Unfortunately, managing data access is a time-consuming task and many organizations don’t have the time to frequently check and remove access to unsecured files, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. But off site backups can help keep data safe. Learn how off site backups through an IT provider can help protect your data.

What Are Off Site Backups Solutions?

Off site backups are one of the most important aspects of any IT infrastructure. They provide a means to store and protect critical data away from a primary location. This ensures that, in the event of a disaster or other unforeseen event, your data will be safe and secure no matter what happens at the primary site.

Two of the most common types of off site backup solutions are

  • Cloud Backups: This solution enables businesses to store off site backups on secure cloud servers, allowing for easier access and availability of data. This option is highly efficient, cost-effective, and allows organizations to offload their backup needs onto a third party provider.
  • Physical Tape Storage: This off site backup solution involves the physical transportation of tapes off site, usually to a data storage center.

Advantages of Off Site Backups

When off site backups are performed through an IT provider, there are a number of advantages. These include:

Increased Cybersecurity

When businesses face a cyberattack such as a ransomware attack, they risk having their local, on-site drives compromised and can lose data as a result. However, off premises data backups can be utilized to restore data that may have been lost or corrupted. IT providers use advanced technology like encryption to keep your data secure and unaffected by any attacks.

Reliable Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, off site backups with an IT provider can provide fast and reliable recovery options, enabling organizations to quickly restore their data and systems. This makes it easier for organizations to recover from a cyberattack and reduce the cost of downtime.

Reduced Costs

Off site data backups with an IT provider can also be cost-effective. IT providers will typically have their own off site storage infrastructure and personnel to manage it, which allows organizations to offload the costs associated with off site backup solutions onto a third party provider.

Improved Scalability

As businesses grow, so do their data storage needs. With an IT provider, organizations can scale up their off site backup solutions as needed and protect their critical data. And because IT providers have their own off site storage, organizations looking to grow their business can get the services they need without having to invest in additional off site backup infrastructure.

24/7 Access to Data

IT providers keep your data accessible at any time, anywhere. If your business were to experience a cyberattack or if an employee accidentally lost crucial data, you could retrieve a data backup quickly and easily. This improves the speed of data recovery, allowing businesses to get back to work faster.

Protect Your Data Using Off Site Backups with Brightline IT

At Brightline IT, we want to help your business avoid losing critical data. That’s why we provide off site backup solutions to keep your data secure in the event of a disaster or cyberattack.

Our off site backup solutions are secure, reliable, and cost-effective, allowing you to offload your backup needs onto our experienced IT professionals and scale up as needed. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can keep your data safe.