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8 Tips to Improve Network Performance in Your Office

8 Tips to Improve Network Performance in Your Office

8 Tips to Improve Network Performance in Your Office

Frustrated by the hidden costs of your slow network? Here’s how to improve network performance. For many businesses, the hidden costs of dealing with a slow network can be like death by a thousand paper cuts. Files take longer to send, cloud applications take longer to load, calls are dropped, and everyone loses productivity waiting… read more

Why Is My Computer Slow? (Our Troubleshooting Guide.)

Why Is My Computer Slow? (Our Troubleshooting Guide.)

Diagnosing issues with your computer efficiency can be difficult. Businesses increasingly rely upon fast, efficient computing power to provide good customer service and accomplish crucial tasks. But when these computers begin to slow down, it can cause severe problems for employee productivity. Even small interruptions, if they happen frequently throughout the day, can add up…. read more

How to Identify the Top 4 Online Security Scams

How to identify the most common online security scams.

Scams are becoming more dangerous and harder to spot. Here’s what to look for. Over the past few years, the public has grown more educated in the tactics used by online scammers. Doubtless, this is due to the rise in security breaches in prominent businesses and the surrounding publicity. With the news coverage surrounding these… read more

How IT Automation Can Improve Your Business

IT automation graphic showing interlinking systems.

Which tasks can benefit the most from IT automation, and which are unsuitable? You may have heard of IT automation as one of the top ways for businesses to improve their bottom line. Implemented correctly, IT automation can boost the productivity of your IT department, reduce downtime, and create a safer, less error-prone IT environment…. read more

Should Your Small Business Start Using RFID Tags?

RFID tags with a lock.

RFID technology is not for every business, but it could be right for yours. You’ve probably used Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags numerous times already. They’re embedded into passports, E-ZPass toll collection tags, and reusable public transport cards such as the Oyster card in London or the Ventra cards in Chicago. Many large businesses have also… read more

Understanding Software License Management for Your Business

computer with software program and license agreement

What you need to know to keep track of your software licenses. Software is an integral part of most businesses. There are common software licenses for programs most of use daily—such as the Microsoft Offices suite—as well as licenses for job-specific services. These might include accounting software, graphic design programs, or various metrics reporting tools…. read more