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7 Ways to Improve Your Government Technology with IT Services for Municipalities

Across the country, municipalities are becoming increasingly reliant on technology to store and manage sensitive information, from public records to financial data. But as this reliance grows, so does the threat of data loss and cyberattacks; in the past year, a resurgence of ransomware and malicious attacks targeting local governments has caused significant economic losses.1

Luckily, you don’t have to face the challenges of modern government IT alone—implementing IT services for municipalities can help to mitigate risk and ensure the security of your government’s data. Here are six ways that IT services can improve your municipal government’s technology.

The Importance of Secure Technology for Municipalities

One of the most essential aspects of running a municipality is the implementation of reliable and secure technology. With the right technology on your side, you can easily safeguard your government’s sensitive data and be assured that your systems are operating smoothly and effectively.

However, if your municipality is still running on outdated technology, you may be exposing your government to everything from cyber threats to data loss—not to mention all the resources you’d be wasting trying to keep up with the maintenance of these outdated systems.2

If this is the case, then investing in IT services for municipalities can help you take your government’s technology to the next level.

7 Ways to Improve Your Tech with IT Services for Municipalities

If your municipality is struggling with outdated technology, here’s how IT services for municipalities can help:

1. Security

IT services for municipalities can provide a robust layer of protection against cyberattacks, malware, ransomware, and other online threats. They can also help identify any existing vulnerabilities and advise on the best security solutions to address them.

2. Infrastructure Upgrades

With the right IT services, your municipality can improve its infrastructure by implementing more efficient hardware and software. This can help reduce overall costs while increasing productivity and reliability across all areas of government operations.

3. Data Management

IT services for municipalities can also provide data management solutions to securely store, manage, analyze, and share important information with the public or other departments in an efficient manner.

4. Software Integration

IT services for municipalities can make it easier to integrate various software applications, such as accounting and payroll systems, into a single unified platform. This can help reduce the time required for manual work and streamline processes across departments.

5. Disaster Recovery

In addition to providing up-to-date security solutions, IT services for municipalities can also provide backup and recovery plans in case of any major disasters. This can help reduce downtime and protect against data loss or corruption.

6. Cost Savings

Investing in IT services can help improve your municipality’s technology while also providing cost savings over the long term. This is due to reduced maintenance costs and improved operational efficiency from the use of more secure systems and applications.

7. Compliance

Is your current MSP following the requirements for CJIS and the LEIN System? It’s important that your business follows the proper compliance requirements to avoid issues. Do you have EMS services or a group health plan for your employees? HIPAA, PII, and PHI compliance are all essential for protecting sensitive medical and personal information for employees and clients alike. Do you process credit card payments? PCI compliance is also necessary to avoid penalties or disruptions.

How Brightline IT Can Optimize Your Municipality

At Brightline IT, we’re dedicated to helping your municipality perform better than you ever thought possible. Our team of professionals can provide a comprehensive range of IT services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of municipal governments. With our managed IT solutions, you can be confident that your government’s data is secure and your technology is always up-to-date.

Let Brightline IT help you make the most of your government’s technology and ensure that your systems are operating securely and efficiently. Contact us today to get started!