Does your business need a virtual desktop?

How a Virtual Desktop Solves Your Business Mobility Challenges

Mobility is no longer considered a luxury or a curiosity – it’s a necessity and an expectation. More and more businesses are working with employees, contractors, and business partners who work remotely. Remote workers usually use their own equipment. However, they depend on their company to provide them with platforms, applications, and digital business processes. These tools are essential for providing access to team workflows and the ability to communicate in a timely manner. Workplace mobility offers a number of undeniable benefits, but as any IT team member will tell you, it also presents a number of challenges.

Challenge 1: Lack of support for contractors and temporary staff

With the burgeoning workplace mobility trend, contract and freelance workers need access to important documents and files anywhere, anytime and from any device. That’s why many businesses have made the switch to cloud-based servers. But it’s not just all about contractors. There’s another subset of the workforce that is quickly growing – temporary workers. Time-strapped IT departments need a viable way to easily manage temporary staff workspaces without introducing risk. Businesses need a way to modify current systems so they can remain agile, scalable, and adaptable to change without impacting employee productivity.

Challenge 2: Timely employee request fulfillment

There are going to be times when your employees or contractors run into issues with applications and they’re not always going to be able to come into the office to get it fixed. There might also be times when you’ll want to easily add or upgrade your software across the board. With the rapid pace of business, IT departments struggle to fulfill employee requests – especially if they’re off site. If your employee can’t easily get what they need to do their job, they might seek an outside source, which puts your company’s data at risk.

Challenge 3: Costly overhead for new equipment and servers

As your company grows, so will your IT needs. You could be spending thousands of dollars in new computer equipment, servers, and supporting hardware costs. Not only that, but these new pieces of equipment all need a physical home, access to the power grid, and properly functioning server room to avoid overheating. The challenge for most companies is balancing traditional IT infrastructure and cost-effective scalability.

Solution: Implement virtual desktop infrastructure

You can solve all of these mobility challenges with one streamlined solution – virtual desktop infrastructure. Virtual desktops consists of everything you’d have in a traditional working environment, but in a private cloud environment. Your IT department will be familiar with the proper equipment configuration, operating system, and software applications. And your employees will be able to access and work on this virtual desktop from their own laptops and mobile devices. It’s the perfect way to bridge the gap between mobility and consistency.