Preventative IT Management

Preventative IT Management: If It Ain’t Broke, Should You Fix It?

Why investing in a preventative IT management service is better for your business.

Most of us are born procrastinators. We put off going to the doctor for our annual check-up. We skip our regular cleaning at the dentist. And we delay upgrading our computer systems until a crisis forces our hand. But in each of these cases, holding off on regular maintenance until an emergency proves costlier than an early investment in simple prevention. Here are the top four reasons why you should invest in preventative IT management before a crisis arrives.

Prevent data loss.

I’ve you’ve ever lost work due to a computer breakdown, a failed backup, or a corrupted file, you know how essential it is to have a failsafe plan to prevent data loss. It’s not just hours of work which you—or your employees—now need to redo. It’s not just lack of access which will slow you down. And it’s not even about the major drop in morale. Some of your data is irreplaceable: you can’t recreate it by putting in more hours of work.

Avoid security risks.

No one wants to interrupt their workflow in order to handle the latest security update. But where your business is concerned, it’s not just best practice: it’s possibly a compliance issue.

Your business may be required by law to maintain certain security standards in order to protect sensitive data.

This includes many kinds of personally identifiable information, such as a client’s date of birth, social security number, credit card information, medical records, or financial data. When this information is hacked or leaked, the consequences extend beyond bad PR for your business. Not only do you expose your client’s personal information, you are often liable for any negligence that leads to a security breach. Don’t put yourself or your clients at risk.

Reduce down time.

If you postpone upgrading your systems and equipment until an actual emergency, you are guaranteed some down time. That could be hours lost on a critical project, or time in which you are unable to respond to customer queries or ship orders. No matter what way you cut it, you’re losing money: budget which you could have allocated to preventing the crisis in the first place.

Improve workplace efficiency.

You can make great strides in efficiency at your workplace by targeting points of friction in your work environment. If your computer equipment is out of date, or if a specific program crashes frequently, tackling those slow areas will improve performance for your whole team. The gains you make in productivity will more than compensate your investment.

Overall, a preventative IT management service benefits your business by increasing efficiency and establishing trust with your customers. You significantly lower the risk of costly data loss or security breaches, and you no longer have to worry about an IT failure causing you to lose face with your clients. At the end of the day, being proactive is better for everyone involved.