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Does Managed IT Replace Your Internal IT Department?

How a Managed IT provider works with your Internal IT department and everyone wins.

Many companies balk at the idea of taking on a Managed IT service when they already have in-house IT staff. Their IT department knows their company, are highly competent, and have performed as loyal employees for years. Why undermine a good department to bring in a group of outsiders?

In reality, Managed IT and an internal IT staff aren’t working at cross-purposes. Instead of competing with each other, they can work together to bring more powerful, efficient IT solutions to your business.

Take advantage of a broader skill set.

Sometimes a project or upgrade requires a certain skill set beyond that of your current IT department. Hiring an entirely new employee to fill this need takes time and resources. You may only need this specific skill set every once in a while, or there could be several shifting skill sets and you don’t want to hire a new person to handle each one. A Managed IT company solves this problem by providing a wider pool of employees with specialized knowledge. They can work with your internal IT department to source that certain skill set, right when you need it.

Managed IT can supplement, rather than replace, your internal IT department.

Every company faces staffing issues at some point. Just like any employees, IT personnel go on vacation, take parental leave, get sick, injured, and take personal days. In ordinary circumstances, you’d be faced with the decision of either leaving your IT department short-staffed, or making a temporary hire. But a Managed IT provider can fill the gap without having to go through a lengthy HR process. You don’t suffer an efficiency loss, and your IT department avoids a stressed, under-staffed environment.

Free your internal IT department to focus on your company.

Your IT department handles a lot of routine updates and security checks which drain their time and draw attention away from important internal initiatives. Managed IT works with your internal IT department by taking on many of these repeatable tasks which currently eat up a lot of your IT department’s time. This leaves them free to think strategically about the needs of your company.

Your internal IT staff can serve you best by putting their inside knowledge of your company’s needs to work. Let your IT department focus on you. Let us take the busy work off your hands.