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What Is Encryption at Rest, and Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Did You Fall for the Google Phishing Scam?

graphic of a computer with a cloud showing fields for username and password and a hook with text that says "phishing.".

How to Avoid (and Recover!) from Internet Security Breaches Last week, the internet was abuzz with news of a massive phishing attack that targeted over a billion Gmail users across the globe. The scam was simple – and classic so to speak. Users received an email asking them to check out a Google doc that… read more

Does your business have network security protocols?

network security Brighton

How NIST 800-171 can help you establish network security protocols for your business, even if you don’t contract with the DoD. We’ve written a lot lately about NIST 800-171 and what your business can do to become compliant. But while these compliance standards are only mandatory for businesses filling federal or DoD contracts, they can… read more

How Poor IT Could Be Costing Your Manufacturing Businesses Money

woman on manufacturing floor looking at tablet and talking on phone

Don’t let poor IT disrupt your supply chain or compromise your business’s reputation. Information technology has transformed the way that businesses work. It’s helped companies meet customer demands, streamline processes, improve quality, and increase production. The role of information technology in manufacturing allows businesses to conceptualize, create, and deliver products on time and under budget…. read more

What Happens If Your IT Guy Quits?

Man standing in data center looking concerned

Did your IT guy just quit? It’s not uncommon in a small business for the resident IT expert to wield a surprising amount of power. They do, after all, provide the knowledge and expertise that keeps your operations flowing smoothly. When only one or two people in the office know how to make those tools… read more