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How Poor IT Could Be Costing Your Manufacturing Businesses Money

Don’t let poor IT disrupt your supply chain or compromise your business’s reputation.

Information technology has transformed the way that businesses work. It’s helped companies meet customer demands, streamline processes, improve quality, and increase production. The role of information technology in manufacturing allows businesses to conceptualize, create, and deliver products on time and under budget. This, of course, has led to stiffer competitions in the market.

If you own a manufacturing business, you know how critical it is to ensure the continuous operation of your production floor. Chances are, you’re using IT for supply chain management. The question is, are you sure your infrastructure is helping you make money and not lose it? Poor IT could cost you money. Not only that, it could also cost your business’ reputation.

Disruption in the supply chain

IT infrastructure includes all software, hardware, and other interfaces you use to have all departments in your company communicate with each other. Poor IT can affect your supply chain management.

When it’s difficult for third-party applications to connect to your machines, tools, and computers, the result can be chaotic. Worse, if it is not sending the right data, your manufacturing team could over- or underproduce. Not only did you waste time, you also wasted materials. Depending on how many products you’re churning out daily, a miscommunication anywhere within your supply chain could easily translate to thousands of dollars per day.


Manufacturing companies understand the role of information technology in their operations. In fact, many rely fully on technology to get their business going. Investing in IT has become the standard in the industry. Unfortunately, not a lot are willing to spend on this area. One of the ways businesses try to save money from IT costs is to choose budget hardware and software. Many would rather blow money on maintenance than get top-quality products that won’t need maintenance for a long time. The problem with this is you never know when something could go wrong. These low-quality products may not be able to take the demands of your production and could stop working anytime. Imagine if you’re in the middle of a tight production deadline and your infrastructure breaks down. Your production line could go on a standstill. When one part of your supply chain stops functioning, you lose money every second it’s not working.

Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Keeping and maintaining outdated IT infrastructures could be costing you more money than getting new ones. While costs for maintenance and replacement parts may not seem like a huge amount, they could easily add up to a fortune. Also looking for parts for outdated items is a lot harder to do and are more expensive compared with getting replacement parts for newer systems and infrastructure. Stop wasting money on maintenance and replacements. It’s time to use advanced manufacturing technology for your business.

Security Risks

Poor IT could mean your company is at risk of unauthorized data access and manipulation. You also risk losing information and not being able to recover it. With advanced manufacturing technology, you can have systems in place to secure data that pass through the network.

The role of IT in your manufacturing company could make or break your business. Don’t leave it up to chance. Be confident with the infrastructure you have. Contact Brightline IT and we’ll help you set your business up for success with our expert managed IT services.