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An illustration of a computer and a cell phone showing how multi factor authentication can be used to log in to an account.

How Multi Factor Authentication Protects Information Security

What is multi factor authentication? Multi factor authentication is when a user must provide evidence from two or more sources to prove their identity. Typically this information should come from separate categories, such as a thing they own (a bank card), a thing they know (a password), or something they are (a finger print). A […]
files showing examples of what controlled unclassified information consists of

Controlled Unclassified Information consists of… what exactly?

How to know if your business handles CUI (and what to do about it). We recently talked about the NIST 800-171 cybersecurity standards which the DoD requires all contractors and subcontractors to implement by the end of 2017. They apply to any business contracting with the DoD or the federal government, and any business which […]

Is compliance important to your business?

Compliance, Consequences, and Your Company As the need for data storage increases, and digital payments and record keeping eclipse their traditional counterparts, regulatory compliance becomes critically important. Some organizations already understand this, but not all take compliance seriously. For some, it’s just something they overlook or don’t prioritize. Others actively believe that as long as “nothing goes wrong,” […]