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6 Reasons Why Cloud Integration Leads to More Efficient Workflow

The cloud has taken the interest of many businesses. Gartner predicts that by 2025, around 85% of businesses will use a cloud-first approach1 to free up IT resources. In other words, businesses are gravitating towards the cloud and are expecting cloud integration to improve areas of their business and save resources.

Cloud integration can be an excellent tool for improving the workflow of a business and making it more efficient. Here are 6 reasons why cloud integration helps a company’s workflow become more efficient:

1. The Cloud Boosts Collaboration

Through the cloud, employees can work on the same project from multiple locations and devices. With a preference for remote work increasing, cloud integration is essential for teams to stay connected and productive. The cloud allows cloud-based collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom, Gmail, and Google Docs to be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

2. Cloud Storage Reduces the Risk of Data Loss

Cloud storage eliminates the risk of data loss due to hardware failure or office disasters. Once data is stored in the cloud, it’s safe and secure online. That’s why over 48% of businesses use the cloud to store their most important data2. Cloud storage also comes with multi-factor authentication which provides an additional layer of security so that confidential information remains protected from intruders or malicious threats.

3. Real-Time Automation Reduces Manual Workloads

Cloud integration enables automated processes such as cloud backups, email notifications, and access protections that streamline the workflow and free up resources to focus on more important tasks. Real-time cloud automation reduces manual workloads and errors, allowing employees to be more productive throughout their day.

4. Improved Accessibility Enhances Team Performance

Cloud integrations allow team members to access data from any device with an internet connection. This feature improves team performance since everyone can access the same files and documents they need to work on.

5. Easy Cloud Migration Improves Scalability

The cloud is a great platform for companies that are looking to scale quickly. With cloud migration, companies have access to cloud-based applications, storage, and infrastructure with ease, making it easier to add more users or expand their business.

6. Fast Deployment Boosts Operational Efficiency

The cloud enables faster deployment of applications, which enhances operational efficiency by reducing the time it takes to get a project up and running. This means that cloud integration can help you get projects done in less time, freeing up more resources to focus on other tasks.

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