5 Reasons Why All SMBs Need a Well-Rounded IT Partner

5 Reasons Why All SMBs Need a Well-Rounded IT Partner

Small- to mid-sized businesses looking for a managed service provider need to consider their capabilities.

In today’s modern business world, it would be hard to find an organization that didn’t require specialized IT support for some portion of their business needs. These tech needs may be as simple as putting in place some basic security best practices, or as complex as helping a business meet new compliance standards.

When searching for an IT partner, businesses have three main options: They can hire an IT professional to work full-time on their staff, they can find a budget Managed Service Provider (MSP) that will handle support requests on a ticketing basis, or they can hire a technology partner that offers responsive service and will work more closely with them to roadmap and develop technology as the business matures.

As a technology partner, we’re here to make the case that choosing services such as ours is the best choice for small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). We not only provide better service, we’re a cost-effective option. Here’s why.

1. Breadth and depth of knowledge.

We work with many companies who have an IT administrator on staff. This individual is usually tasked with running the day-to-day operations of a business, and is our main point of contact when they need additional services, or when they want to plan for an upcoming project.

These administrators are often our greatest advocates when we begin working with a new company. They understand that they are only one person, and they rely on our expertise to handle aspects of the job that are outside their wheelhouse. That’s because we bring to the table specializations in IT security and compliance, as well as cloud integration, and managed IT services for routine maintenance.

Our services not only give you access to a broader range of specialists, they help the IT staff you already have accomplish that much more.

2. Complete availability for prompt response times.

IT companies that only provide service on demand or basic managed services may ask you to wait in line while they handle tickets that come in before yours. This can mean crucial delays during an unexpected downtime incident, precisely when time is of the essence. And even if you have a IT support member on staff, there’s always a chance that that person is unavailable when you need them.

As your IT team, we have multiple members available to handle any request that comes in—including ones that require expertise in a specific support area. We can identify your problem quickly and make sure that the correct team members are handling your request from start to finish, so you’re never left wondering who’s on the job.

3. Continuity of service.

Every business experiences turnover as employees leave to follow other pursuits. This is a reality that every business understands and plans for. However, with this rollover comes predictable challenges as skilled employees take with them not only their own expertise, but their knowledge of your organization. This is true for businesses who have an IT administrator on staff as well as those who work with small IT companies with only a handful of employees.

Meanwhile, a technology partner with a large enough employee base may experience turnover of its own, but it is unlikely they will ever be without two or three employees who have worked directly with your business, understand your needs, and can bring their new colleagues up to speed. This maintains continuity of service for your business, and also spares you the difficulties of hiring and training new IT administrators each time your chosen team member leaves.

4. Maintenance of current skills and knowledge.

Another thing that can happen when an IT administrator becomes a full-time employee is that, as their time becomes taken up by the regular and in-house tasks, they no longer have the time to grow their skills. If they aren’t focused on maintaining their knowledge in a certain IT field, they may not realize that industry standards have changed.

One of the advantages of working with experts is that, to maintain our expertise, we have to stay abreast of industry developments. When new security standards or compliance requirements are announced, we’re the first to know about them—and we will work appropriate updates and solutions into your organizations roadmap.

5. Comprehensive planning and preparation.

Finally, the expertise we bring to the table—combined with our knowledge of your business and our attention to industry developments—means we can prepare your business more thoroughly for any transitions to come.

Whether you’re preparing to upgrade your hardware and software, transition your team to cloud desktop environments, or cut out your competition by being the first business in your industry to achieve the latest compliance standards, we can plan your move every step of the way.

Choose a technology partner who is able to manage every aspect of your IT needs.

Your IT partner should be so much more than a phone number you dial when there’s an emergency. No matter how excellent or qualified an IT administrator may be, no single person can handle all your needs or be available at any hour of the day to respond in an emergency.

As a technology partner, we offer you an entire team of qualified IT support staff, but without the cost of running a full department. We provide insight and expertise for every aspect of your business so that you can be prepared for unpredictable events in the future. And by helping you address potential issues proactively, your business will have a stronger position from which to grasp new opportunities as they come your way.

If that sounds like a partner you would like to have as your business grows and matures, contact us.  We’re ready to get started.